How could I style the "reply" link in comment.tpl.php?

I have this line of code inside:

<?php print render($content['links']) ?>

With this I get something like the following:

<ul class="links inline" thmr="thmr_249"><li class="comment-reply first last"><a href="/?q=comment/reply/28/1" thmr="thmr_250 thmr_251">reply</a></li></ul>

I manage to get the exact URL with <?php print render($content['links']['comment']['#links']['comment-reply']['href']) ?>, but for some reason it doesn't work perfectly: It loses the "/?q=" part.


Just use the following code:

<?php print url($content['links']['comment']['#links']['comment-reply']['href']); ?>

If you pass node/1 to url(), it will return /?q=node/1 when clean URLs are not enabled, and /node/1 when clean URL are enabled.


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