I want to display custom text on a node if there is no comments yet. I think i should check for comments count in preprocess_node, and somehow add the text below Comments title.

function MYTHEME_preprocess_node(&$variables, $hook) {
  if($variables['comment_count'] === '0') {
     //somehow i need to display text - There is not comments yet

How can achieve this? here is an example of how it should looks like:


EDIT: Also i have found better solution, may be useful for someone. (using Zen theme - aka STARTERKIT modified) I have added comments-wrapper.tpl.php

And in a template.php added preprocess function of this wrapper

function MYTHEME_preprocess_comments_wrapper(&$variables) {
    $variables['MYTHEME_comment_title'] = t('Comments');
      $commented_node = $variables['node'];

      if(!empty($commented_node) && is_object($commented_node)){
        $comment_count = 0;
          $comment_count = $commented_node->comment_count;
        $variables['MYTHEME_comment_title'] = format_plural($comment_count, '1 comment', '@count comments');
         if($comment_count == 0) {
            $variables['MYTHEME_comment_title'] = t('Comments');
            $variables['empty_comments'] = t('There is no comments yet');

And in a comments-wrapper.tpl.php i have printed out $empty_comments variable

  <?php print $empty_comments; ?>

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In your node.tpl.php you could check the $comment_count variable to see if there are comments. If so, render the comments, if not display your alternet text.


<?php if ($comment_count > 0 ): ?>
  <?php print render($content['comments']); ?>
<?php else: ?>
        <strong> 0 comments yet</strong>
        <?php echo l('Be the first','commentpath'); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

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