As a follow on from this question I am trying to prepend all URLs on the site with a taxonomy term.

The term itself is handled by a custom module for the most part, however elements of the site such as the calendar modules page view don't allow for me to intervene and theme the link accordingly. If a user goes to the following URL:

  • site.com/calendar

Then they should be redirected to:

  • site.com/city/calendar

The city itself would be acquired from a cookie set when they hit the front page of the site, or defaults to 'all-cities'.

My vision for such a system was to check in hook_boot against a predefined array for offending patterns (such as calendar) and if they are found, then it forces a redirect to the same page but prepends the city.

My gut feeling is that this is a bad approach and possibly un-Drupal. Please let me know if there is a standardized method I should be following for such things.

O’ Salvation, Deliver Me From Evil!

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I wouldn't recommend using such system because I also have the gut feeling that this would create some major confusion for modules relying on the drupal path system.

I think you should better deal with subdomains like city.site.com.

  • If only clients were more flexible :) But thanks for the suggestion
    – DanH
    Jun 10, 2011 at 2:26
  • @DanH yeah sure... And what what about Organics Groups ? I'm pretty sure this is the way open atrium has its paths.
    – tostinni
    Jun 10, 2011 at 4:43

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