In admin/config/people/accounts , I want user password in welcome mail.

Currently it is

username: [user:name]
password: Your password

I want this

username: [user:name]
password: [uc_order:new-password] // this token is already available in order setting page admin/store/settings/checkout

Now question is is there anyway to make uc_order token available in user account setting page?


I think you are going about this the wrong way.

You can make the uc_order token globally avaialbe, but it would be a bit messy since some users wont have an order and other people have more than one order.

Instead you should use hook_mail_alter to actually insert the password from the order. You could search for [uc_order:new-password] and if found load the correct order and replace the value with the value from the order.

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