Is there a module that can allow me to add custom values to select list items in the Profiles module in Drupal 6, like webforms does it. For example:

my_value_1 | my_text_1
my_value_2 | my_text_2

which will create a select list

<option value="my_value_1">my_text_1</option>
<option value="my_value_2">my_text_2</option>

Try Content Profile module. Using this module you can create user profile where you can add cck fields to the user profile content type.

This module builds user profiles as content (aka nodes), which opens the opportunity to use all the powerful modules for content for user profiles too, e.g. the Content Construction Kit (CCK). It's intended to be simple and useful, but extensible by further modules.

  • I just want to add key|value pairs. Why is everything so difficult in Drupal? With Content Profile I have to add 2 modules, change all my profile settings etc etc. Isn't there any other way? Programmatically? I can see the fields in the database table. – Michael Kork Oct 23 '12 at 10:16

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