A little advice please:

Users "follow" a content type Parent by using the method in this question. There is a content type Posts which has an Entity Reference to the Parent it is assigned to.

How do I go about creating a View which shows all Posts which the current user has "followed"?

I guess this could be done with Views Field View but that seems a little over-kill. There must be a simpler way of doing this, just with Views out-the-box, surely?


See my answer. Please, please, if anybody has a better solution let me know!

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Use Views PHP.

In Views

  • Format
    • Content
  • Filter Criteria
    • Content: Published
    • Content: Type (=Post)
    • Global: PHP (see below for code)

Code for Global: PHP -

$flag = flag_get_flag('follow_parent');

$post_nid = $data->nid;

$post = node_load($post_nid);

$field_parent = field_get_items('node',$post,'field_parents');

$parents_followeds = array();

foreach ($field_parents as $field_parent) {
  $parent_nid = $field_parent['target_id'];
  $followed = $flag->is_flagged($parent_nid);
  $parent_followeds[] = $followed;

return in_array(TRUE, $parent_followeds) ? FALSE : TRUE;

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