I have created for a mobile site a form to collect daily readings using a content type and that is working like a charm. The question is:

Is there a method, way, module or hack where I can setup some sort of form where the same content type form will be display 7 times (one for each day) and the common fields be merge into one?

The reason for my question is that the regular form make sense to be fill using a mobile device, but if someone wants to use a desktop computer it will make more sense to enter the 7 days of data at once.

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Multi Node Add module could be very helpful for you. With this module you can add multiple nodes at once.

This module provides a new interface for creating nodes where the users are able to select the fields what they want to use for creating the nodes.
It is designed to create multiple nodes in one round, it's possible to add more node input rows on-the-fly.


It won't do exactly what you want, but there is a node copy module that allows a user to copy contents from one node to another, edit it, and submit it as a new one. It would certainly save time for your users in having to re-type existing data in a form.


  • This is definitely an alternative, I will wait a little longer to see if there another method out there. Thank you.
    – Emil Orol
    Oct 23, 2012 at 2:18

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