In views fields like [Content: Title] and [Content: Taxonomy] there is the possibility to have the content displayed as link. Is it also possible to equip these link with a html 'title' attribute?

Alternatively, is it possible to equip all links on a drupal site with html 'title' attributes?

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This will add title attributes to most links, depends with some modules though.

 * Add title attribute to any link that doesnt have a title already
function YOURTHEME_preprocess_link(&$vars) {
    // If title set and not empty dont do anything
    if (isset($vars['options']['attributes']['title']) && !empty($vars['options']['attributes']['title'])) {

    // Use the link text as the title
    $vars['options']['attributes']['title'] = strip_tags($vars['text']);

There are multiple ways your issue can be addressed. Please find answers below that will resolve some of your questions.

  • All Menu Links created using Drupal Core Menu Module i.e using User Interface

You can use Menu Attributes module to add title attribute.

  • Links exposed in custom module

You can use l function to create a link with attributes.

  • Views fields

You can use rewrite results option to rewrite content and add html as you like with attributes to a tag.


Uncheck the setting in title field settings as shown below.

enter image description here

  • Thanks for your answers! I am however not using any menus on my site at all. I managed to achieve a rewrite for the Title field: <div title = '[title]'> [title]</div> (reads funny doesn't it? ;) But when I rewrite <div title = '[field_taxonomy]'> [field_taxonomy]</div>, the title gives the full URL... Oct 23, 2012 at 10:04
  • I meant, the title popup shows the full html tag: <a href="site.com/cat/foo">foo</a> Oct 23, 2012 at 10:11
  • You need to uncheck link setting in views title field settings... See my updated answer ! For taxonomy term you just need to print the term name with out any formatting.. Uncheck "Link this field to its term page"
    – Anil Sagar
    Oct 23, 2012 at 10:42
  • I got it working for the title field, as I described above. Unchecking "Link this field to its term page" would remove the link. With field_taxonomy, I got it to work in plain text format, with the rewrite mentioned above and 'output field as link', link path /cat/[field_taxonomy] and path set absolute. Phew. Oct 23, 2012 at 11:08

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