I'm using Time Field to make a field in my event content type for the begin and endtime in of the event. I know that when you outpout the time field via views, you can output it as 24h notation, which works fine. But I want to output the time using php in a tpl file using the row object. So I have php code in my views tpl file that says:

    <?php $uur  = $row->field_field_evenement_uur[0]['rendered']['#time']['value_formatted'];
          $uur .= ' - ';
          $uur .= $row->field_field_evenement_uur[0]['rendered']['#time']['value2_formatted'];  

First thing that came to mind of course was go to admin/structure/types/manage/my_content_type/fields/my_time_field and set the field formatting to 24h notation. It simply looks though like it's not part of the configuration.

Then I debugged my $row output in my view to discover this other way to get a rawer sort of value for the time. This way I would write code like:


So that would output the time value like 51600. I've been looking for some formatter functions that I could wrap around this value and get me a 24hour notation, even from php.net but it's all seeming like it has to do with the date(); function.

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I totally looked past the display fields part of the field configuration of fields ui. That's exactly where you can set it to output 24hr notation.

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