When gmap module and location module are installed, there is a page called "node locations", which display all node with a location field (filled) in the site.

How can I customize the google maps parameters? I want to disable the satellite map (and options in top right), enable street view, and change the zoom widget..

Thank you

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The google maps parameters can be changed in file: "sites/all/modules/gmap/js/gmap.js"

Here is the option I choose:

Street View enabled:

opts.streetViewControl = true;

Satellite map disabled:

opts.mapTypeControl = false;

Zoom widget change:

opts.zoomControl = true;
opts.zoomControlOptions = {}; 
opts.zoomControlOptions.style = google.maps.ZoomControlStyle.LARGE;

What I would do is to use the GMap Views plugin of the GMap module, the Views module and the GMap Macro Builder module (comes with GMap):

  • Download and enable Views
  • Enable GMap Macro Builder
  • Navigate to the macro builder (/map/macro) and create a map with the options you desire
  • Copy the GMap macro to a temp place (clipboard obviously)
  • Create a new view
  • Select 'Show content' of any type you prefer and configure the remaining options accordingly (you can always change them at a later stage anyway)
  • Click 'Continue & edit'
  • In the format section, select Gmap In the GMap settings, paste the gmap macro so the produced map will follow the desired configuration
  • Customize the view further and save.

I hope the above is helpful.

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