File Framework is a collection of modules which allow uploading, converting and displaying different media type files as Drupal nodes.

Metadata is extracted from uploaded files using EXIF, getID3, pdfinfo and stored as Resource Description Framework (RDF).

A node of type file is created for each uploaded file. This gives a revision control and will integrate with views.

Each file is converted to number of other MIME formats using available open source converters. For example a MS Word file can be automatically converted to PDF, OpenDocument Text (using OpenOffice daemon / LibreOffice + JODConverter), Plain text (using catdoc), Flash video (using SWFTools), JPEG (using GhostScript) and Zip (using gzip). Converted (derived) files are saved in the Bitcache and their metadata is extracted and saved in the RDF along with the relation to the original file. All derived files are listed and can be downloaded.

Unfortunatelly the module is available for Drupal 6 only.

Is there any similar solution available for Drupal 7 ?

Please follow http://drupal.org/node/1827110 if you are interested in File Framework port for Drupal 7.


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I would suggest using Media as your starting point, and improving it if needed. That's the D7 solution aiming to solve similar problems to the File Framework (and other D6 modules).

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