I have a view of content type slideshow items. Each item has a taxonomy term fromslideshow_category vocabulary. I also have another content type: articles, which has it's own taxonomy article_categories.

I'd like to create a view that will match the names of those taxonomies and display the slideshow items accordingly.

For example on articles taxonomy page news the only slideshow items displayed are those which marked news .

What I'm doing right now:

I have created a contextual filter on the slideshow items view

When is NOT available

  • Content: field_slideshow_category
  • Provide Default value > Raw value from URL
  • Path component > 2
  • Use Path alias > checked

When IS available

  • Specify validation criteria > checked
  • Selected the slideshow_category
  • Filter value type > Term name converted to Term ID


This works fine on page like /articles/news/ (using my previous example ), but obviously because I pass RAW value this view also appear on /articles/news/news-item (which is the actual article page). What I need is for this view to show up only on taxonomy pages. Is there a way to limit "Raw value"? should I be using a different "Provide Default value" ?

Thanks in advance :)

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Yes try different "Provide default value" for this case "Taxonomy term ID from URL"

When it's available specify "Taxonomy name converted to ID"

  • Thank you, I just tried that, but this isn't working. Now the view doesn't display items on any pages, taxonomy or not. Weird... Commented Nov 1, 2012 at 8:42

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