The situation should be common: I have a content class with one location field; in the page view of the class I show the location on map. But, at the top of the page, I want to print the address too.

In the 'manage display' of my content type, I can choose for 'map only' (formatter location_map); which is perfect for the map, or for 'default (address only)' (formatter location_default), which is perfect for the top of the page.

It is probably as easy as, something like, in the node.tpl.php, saying

// address here

// google map here

but that doesnt work. I also notice Location has a theming hook, described here


unfortunately they forget to mention what goes in there. whatever i put in there, it doesnt pass to location.tpl.php (allthough it does pass that template in vain).

I have a workaround thats so ugly I'm not even going to post it here :-) Does anyone know how to do this properly ?


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Ah, ..in my node.tpl.php

// address here
$fvf = field_view_field('node', $node, 'field_location', array(
print render($fvf);

// google map here
print render($content['field_location']);

Great article: http://www.computerminds.co.uk/articles/rendering-drupal-7-fields-right-way

pfew, *-pike

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