I have two content types.

*content_type2 [set as content profile]        

In content_type1, I have a taxonomy term [user has to choose any one of term] and content_type2 has cck select list field with same terms as content_type2.

I created two roles:

*role1 users can create content_type1             
*role2 users can create content_type2

Now I want to display list of content_type1s in user role2 profile page whose "select field Value" is as same as the "taxonomy term " of content_type1.

How can I implement this using drupal views?

  • It seems you need panels rather than Views to acomplish this.
    – Tivie
    Apr 22, 2011 at 8:12

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Seems to me that you're going to need this:

views_embed_view() inside of the user_profile.tpl.php

more specifically:

First set up a view to return content type 1 nodes, that takes an argument of taxonomy term id.

Then, assuming you can get the content type 2 node into user_profile.tpl.php, grab the select list value like so:

    $selected_value = $content_type2_node->field_selectlistname[0]['value'];
    $term_id = taxonomy_get_term_by_name($selected_value);


note use of taxonomy_get_term_by_name()

and use of a cck select list field named is field_selectlistname, update that to your field name.

then you can use this:

   print views_embed_view("view_name","block_1",$term_id);

to print out your view.

Note that the first two arguments are the view name of your view, and the display id, which is going to be something like 'block_1', 'default' or 'page_1'

I'm assuming here you know how to set up the view, and know how to get that user_profile.tpl.php to work for your role.. (if isset($account->roles[ role id ])... )

good luck!

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