Oke, so I have this multi value field in drupal 7 and I want to use it's values in a custom php snippet in the rules module.

I found the Array Tokens module to generate an array of the values, but that is for Drupal 6.

Then I found Architecture RFC: Field token architecture, which makes me assume I could use [node:field-name:0] or [node:field-name:value:0] to read the first entry, but I either replaces nothing of throws an error (I have tried various combinations).

Could someone tell me:

  1. What is the right way to read a token with it's delta value?
  2. How to get the delta of the fields so I can start a for loop?

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Since the rules module gives you access to the $node object (if triggered on 'after saving content'). I managed to use it like this $node->field_myField['und'][0]['value']. Where 0 is the delta and und (probably) the language.

Since this looks like a multidimensional array I assume one could use a foreach on $node->field_myField['und'], but I did not test this.

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