In my site clean urls is not working. As a result ?q is getting appended to the url.

My site url is http://abc.com/?q=user

I wrote a form in a page, and redirect to another view which is http://abc.com/?q=listings.

When I click on submit button in form page GET parameter are not getting appended correctly: They are getting appended as http://abc.com/?field_list=3 which has to be like this http://abc.com/?q=listings&field_list=3. I must use GET method in the form.

How should I redirect to URLs that contains "?q="?

How to do this.

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If you are redirecting from the form submission handler, you need to use code similar to the following one.

$form_state['redirect'] = array(
     'query' => array(
     'field_list' => '3',

That code is equivalent to calling drupal_goto('listings, array('query' => array('field_list' => '3')) which should never be used inside a form submission handler. In both the cases, the function that is called to build the URL is url(), which works when clean URLs are enabled, or not.

  // With Clean URLs.
  if (!empty($GLOBALS['conf']['clean_url'])) {
    $path = drupal_encode_path($prefix . $path);
    if ($options['query']) {
      return $base . $path . '?' . drupal_http_build_query($options['query']) . $options['fragment'];
    else {
      return $base . $path . $options['fragment'];
  // Without Clean URLs.
  else {
    $path = $prefix . $path;
    $query = array();
    if (!empty($path)) {
      $query['q'] = $path;
    if ($options['query']) {
      // We do not use array_merge() here to prevent overriding $path via query
      // parameters.
      $query += $options['query'];
    $query = $query ? ('?' . drupal_http_build_query($query)) : '';
    $script = isset($options['script']) ? $options['script'] : '';
    return $base . $script . $query . $options['fragment'];

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