None of my site aliases defined in /home/peter/.drush/aliases.drushrc.php seems to work. When I ran:

drush sa @mysite.dk.local

I got

$aliases['mysite.dk.local'] = array (
 'uri' => 'mysite.dk',
 'root' => '/usr/share/nginx/www/drupal-7.16/sites/',
 'path-aliases' => 
 array (
   '%dump-dir' => '/usr/share/nginx/www/drupal-7.16/sites/drush.dbdumps',
   '%files' => '/usr/share/nginx/www/drupal-7.16/sites/files',

which looks ok, but when I do

drush @mysite.dk.local status

I get

PHP configuration     :  /etc/php5/cli/php.ini                  
Drush version         :  4.5                                    
Drush configuration   :                                         
Drush alias files     :  /home/peter/.drush/aliases.drushrc.php

So it seems that drush couldn't find specified path, cause when I run second command in sites directory everything is showing up as expected. Can anybody point out what I'm missing?

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If your settings.php file is at /usr/share/nginx/www/drupal-7.16/sites/default/settings.php, then you should change your 'root' line as follows:

'root' => '/usr/share/nginx/www/drupal-7.16',

The way you have it, Drush is expecting that your Drupal root is at /usr/share/nginx/www/drupal-7.16/sites, which is to say that it is also expecting to find your settings.php file at /usr/share/nginx/www/drupal-7.16/sites/sites/default/settings.php. Take out the extra 'sites' as shown above, and it should work fine.

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