Is there a way to show an image of a youtube video instead of the actual player ? This would be done only for the teaser view of the node.

I know that I can show a video thumbnail, but I need an image that looks like the actual player.


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If you can grab the id of youtube video then you can use following pattern of url to get a bigger youtube thumbnail.

http://img.youtube.com/vi/[your video id]/0.jpg


This would require a little work on your behalf to write a small module to get the youtube thumbnail and then process it.

For example if you use Embedded Media Field with Media: Youtube then you can get the URL with $node->field_emvideo[0]['data']['thumbnail']['url'] (*field_emvideo* is the name of your field) and use it with ImageCache Actions to add a background image which would be the Youtube player.

I don't have a full code to offer but using ImageCache API (see the code snippet at the bottom) is quite simple, ex:

 print theme('imagecache', $preset, $image['filepath'], $alt, $title,  $attributes); 

Good luck ;)

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