I am new to the views module and am trying to get my head around how it works and what the possibilities are with it. Is there a resource, book, video tutorial, or site somewhere that does a good job of explaining the whole module from beginning to end?


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Here some things to start with:

And some nonfree stuff:


This is an excellent tutorial: http://nodeone.se/blogg/taming-the-beast-learn-views-with-nodeone-0

  • That looks like a brilliant resource at first glance. Thanks so much I'll go through it over the next few days. Jun 13, 2011 at 3:11
  • It was indeed a fantastic tutorial. So thanks again. Jun 30, 2011 at 13:22
  • +1 Using Views as an RSS reader tutorial is good. That's my findings so far. Looking good... Mar 8, 2012 at 13:23

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