I've added some custom fields in "Account Settings" at admin/config/people/accounts/fields. But, those doesn't appear on the "Add user" menu on admin/people, and appear on user edit page user/%uid/edit.
I need to have them on the account creation page too. By using hook_form_alter() I can add the fields on the form. But, I need them to be saved when the user gets created. I understand that fields can be added to a user only on successful creation of the user by user_save(). So, I think I need to write a validation (after successful user creation) to save the fields for the newly created user. How do I do that?


The field should be visible if you check the checkbox which says: Display on user registration form. on admin/config/people/accounts/fields/FIELD near the top.

If you don't want the field on the standard user registration form which is visible to visitors, you could always use hook_form_alter() to hide that field there.

This way, Drupal will handle the validation and saving of the field for you.

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