I would like to add a global gift wrap option to our checkout pane on Ubercart 3 (running on Drupal 7).

It is an option that can apply to any product and has a fixed price no matter how many products are purchased.

I do not want to add it as an attribute to individual products or product classes, but would like to add a simple yes/no radio button to all checkouts. If yes is selected, the fixed amount is added to the order.

What is the simplest/best way to implement this?

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Another approach would be to create a Gift Wrap product class. Create a node of this custom type with the price of your gift wrap option. Then create a view of the custom Gift Wrap entity and display it prominently as a block on your cart and checkout pages.


You can achieve this using following way,

  1. You can use hook_checkout_pane() to create your 'simple yes/no radio button' to all checkouts

  2. If yes is selected, the fixed amount can be added to the order as line_item

A working example can find here, which will give you idea to proceed

Also Creating line items in Ubercart 3 , check this similar question


The easiest way I've found is to install Ubercart Webform and
Ubercart Webform Checkout Pane. Create a Gift Wrap product and add it as a Form component to your form. Then under Form settings, check 'Generate a checkout pane'.

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