$attr = explode(",", $node->field_xlnum[0]['value']);

$node->field_xlnum[0]['value'] contains 20,4,56,987,68,96, where each value is a node ID. I want to get all the titles, and output them in an HTML list. How do I do it?

I tried the following code, but it doesn't work.

$attr = explode(",", $node->field_xlnum[0]['value']);
$result = db_query("SELECT nid, title FROM {node} WHERE nid IN ($attr) AND type = %s order by created DESC", test);
while(($items = db_fetch_object($result)) { 
  $output = theme_item_list($items, array('class'=>'tabs primary'));

echo $output;

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Following up on what tostinni posted, this is what worked for me. I also added the $title parameter. It's supposed to be the second parameter, and if you leave it out, the array('class'=>'tabs primary') would be used as the second parameter instead, which wouldn't work quite right. I simplified the query a little since I don't have a content type called 'test,' but you can put that in easily:

// the $attr should be a string
$attr = $node->field_xlnum[0]['value'];
// $attr put into a placeholder
$result = db_query("SELECT title FROM {node} WHERE nid in (%s) order by created DESC", $attr);

  * if you put theme_item_list into the while loop, 
  *  it will create separate lists for each item,
  * instead of adding 'li's to one ul, as I'm assuming you want?
// put the title strings into an array
    $list[] = $items->title;
// including the $title parameter - if not needed, you can change to $title = NULL
$output = theme_item_list($list, $title = 'A list', 'ul class="tabs primary"');
echo $output;
  • while($items=db_fetch_object($result)){ // put the title strings into an array $list[] = $items->title; } should be enough. No need for $i.
    – nonsenz
    Jun 13, 2011 at 5:35
  • For sure - edited to remove $i incrementer.
    – g_thom
    Jun 13, 2011 at 15:01

A few remarks:

  1. You said that $node->field_xlnum[0]['value'] contains a list of nid separated by comas so you don't need to explode it in order to use them in a IN clause. If you do so, $attr will be an Array().
  2. You put test as an argument in your query, isn't this a variable $test or a string 'test'
  3. You should better use db_placeholders for putting multiples values inside a IN.

    $attr = explode(",", $node->field_xlnum[0]['value']);
    db_query("SELECT n.nid, n.title
      FROM {node} n
      WHERE n.nid IN (" . db_placeholders($attr, 'int') . ")
      AND type = %s 
      ORDER BY n.created DESC", $data, 'test'

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