This is my first time using a table to display a Views template. How do you access a specific field so you can reorder them one by one yourself? I have 3 fields I want to place but I want one of the fields field_house to come out first, followed by field_door and field_table. I'm also asking so I can wrap each one in their own class making it easier to layout.

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    I got it!! The reason why I couldn't get it to work was because I kept writing my code in the wrong place. Just delete the loop <?php foreach ($row as $field => $content): ?> and replace it with actual code: <?php print $row['field_house']; print $row['field_door']; print $row['field_table']; ?> and it worked! All this is of course still within the main loop <?php foreach ($rows as $count => $row): ?>.
    – enchance
    Commented Jun 12, 2011 at 17:12
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    @enhance you should post this as an answer so it's easy for others to see that you've solved it
    – Chaulky
    Commented Jun 13, 2011 at 22:45

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@Chaulky it should be pretty easy to make the changes suggested by @enhance.

  • Take the views table template and copy it to your theme.
  • Make the edits to your copy of the template as per @enhance's directions.
  • Since you mentioned adding classes, you could either add the classes in the template or in the views interface.
  • Save it as views-view-table-YOUR_VIEW_NAME.tpl.php.
  • Clear caches, at least twice if once didn't do it.
  • Continue theming and enjoy.

I'm late to this thread, but incase someone comes across it, here is example code that works.

I removed the code I didn't need from the Views tpl, and added the fields within the foreach loop.

<table <?php if ($classes) { print 'class="'. $classes . '" '; } ?><?php print $attributes; ?>>
    <?php foreach ($rows as $row_count => $row): ?>
      <tr <?php if ($row_classes[$row_count]) { print 'class="' . implode(' ', $row_classes[$row_count]) .'"';  } ?>>
        <td class="views-field views-field-title">
          <?php print $row['title']; ?>
        <td class="views-field views-field-field-website-url">
          <?php print $row['field_website_url']; ?>
    <?php endforeach; ?>

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