I need to move the values of a field (long text and summary) to another field (long text and summary). I am trying to do this with Rules and VBO.

I have fetched nodes A and B, and I want to set the value of the field in B to the value of the field in A.

The challenge is that I can't use the Set a data value action to simply set B to A. I can use Rules to create a text variable and get the value from A that way, but I still can't set that text variable as the value (Rules requires a formatted text variable). However, if I try to create a formatted text variable, I can't set the value of the Long text and summary field as the value.

I have the two nodes available in Rules and they both have fields of type Long text and summary. I just want to set the value of B to the value of A. How can I do this?

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I figured it out-- I needed to add :value after the body field, since the field value contains the summary, text format, and text value.

So for example, instead of profile:field-myfield, use profile:field-myfield:value.

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