On my site, I am not able to show menu bar over the slider block in content. When I click the menu over the slide image, part of it disappear under the slide block.

When I click on the Services menu, it shows odd things. This problem is not persist on IE.


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You can increase the z-index property of your menu bar.

If this does not help, add the position:absolute property in CSS class; and also add the position:relative property to the container of the menu bar class.


Add the following CSS style to your CSS file.

    #views_slideshow_cycle_teaser_section_sunday_jam_image_slider-block {
       z-index: 0;

Alternatively, try adding z-index to your dropdown class.

/* Navigation Style */
.dropdown {
  z-index: 1000;

By simply giving a css property to the menu.

  1. giving position as absolute position:absolute;
  2. giving a positive z index z-index:100;

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