I have a field collection field in a content type that takes multiple values. I am trying to access single values of that field to use via a token. The issue is the following:

(the field is called field_slides)

The token [node:field_slides] returns to me the html for all of the values of the field. The token [node:field_slides:1] etc does not work. The token [node:field-slides:1] does work but it resolves to the string "slides 2" I can get at the internal values of the fields as follows: [node:field-slides:1:title] gives me the value of the title field within the individual entry.

I would like to simply access the html for the individual value which should be accessible through either: [node:field_slides:1] or [node:field-slides:1] but it isn't.

Any ideas?

  • A little late, but you should be able to access it by [node:field-slides:1:value] – Neograph734 Apr 14 '13 at 22:18

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