I have two questions.

I wish to build a website that will use a three column look. I was told to use panels, I found it easy to use.

My question is I have a menu bar, all menus point into different panels, the reason I do this every page I have has different blocks in it, some of these blocks point to sub-panels. (A., is there a "smarter way" of doing this?)

B., my main question how can I use ajax, so when somebody clicks any of the links on my menus only the panels reload, not the full site?


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For this to work you might have to restructure some of your blocks into mini panels but you could implement this module, Panels Ajax Tabs. Ajax can now be used when loading content via panels, either as a tab or container.

Provides the ability to have a tabbed panel-pane that displays mini-panels within it.

If you require more control; instead you could utilize Ctools AJAX. Of course this is a much more hands on approach.

Hope this helps,

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