I'm attempting to use The "It's Common Sense" guide to passing arguments from Panels to Views but I'm running into an issue at step 7:

At the Configure Panel pane form, make sure you choose "No context" as the Taxonomy Term, check the Send Arguments box. In the Arguments field there, type in %term

That sounds very reasonable... but I can't find any such checkbox.

I tried just muddling through the tutorial without doing that step, but it doesn't work. I end up with a weird, long URL and it just redirects back to the root of my site.

For context, I'm trying to create an archive of nodes by year. When there's no arguments, I get a list of years from 2009-2012. If I click, say, 2009 (coming from a page with path /?q=archives), I get the following URL:

/?date[value]=&date[min]=&date[max]=&date_filter_1[value]=2012-11-14 00%3A00%3A00&date_filter_1[min]=2012-11-14 00%3A00%3A00&date_filter_1[max]=

I'm hoping for something like, /?q=archives/2009 instead. (Not that that currently works either.)

  • Are you using Views 2 or Views 3 on your site? I am not positive, but I think that matters in this case. – mpdonadio Nov 14 '12 at 16:50
  • I'm using Views 2. – beth Nov 14 '12 at 17:04

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