I need to get the date of a scheduled rule and display it to the user.

I also would like (Not necessarily required, I can also use an invisible CCK field) to use the existence of this schedule as a condition in yet another rule.

Is it possible to get this using rules alone or do I need to use the "Execute custom PHP code" condition/action to find them?

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What about doing it the other way around? Use a date field and triggering the rule according to it?

  • Short version is that I require a fairly large set of conditions (however your answer has given me an idea, I could make another invisibile date field and fill it with the same value when the first rule is scheduled, but this is "yet more hax" and I'd rather have a clean implementation as it's pretty complicated allready)
    – J V
    Nov 15, 2012 at 15:44

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