I have a multisite Drupal with 2 domains, that should have separate home pages, but I can't get it working. I've created a node for each.

Now, I've tried to configure it in the Configuration > Site information > Default Home Page panel. There is note on top of the page: "This form is domain-sensitive, be sure you select the proper domain before saving." ; Therefore I guess that "home page" parameter is per domain?

But it doesn't work : each time I change this field (value : node/92), all domains are affected.

Is it supposed to work? Is there another way to do it?

  • Is this multisite ?
    – niksmac
    Nov 16, 2012 at 9:01
  • 1
    Yes, that's what Domain Access is made for, isn't it ?
    – theredled
    Nov 16, 2012 at 11:31

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I would

  1. Setup a "Page manager"-page, and call it "Front".
  2. Set the homepage to "/front".
  3. Create one variant for every domain in the front-page. Fill with relevant content.
  4. Create a ctools "Domain access plugin". That wouldn't be many rows of code, see my brief tutorial
  5. Use the access plugin to setup a selection rule for every variant/domain.

After some search, it is a known conflict between Domain Access and I18N : http://drupal.org/node/1650498

As written, the fix is to :

  • upgrade i18n to version 1.6 (or latest)
  • upgrade Variable to 2.0 (or latest)
  • upgrade Domain Access to latest
  • enable and set Domain Variable module.


  • Go to Domains List > Variables Tab > Site Informations > Check "Default Home Page"
  • Go to your domain > You have 2 parameters tabs > Go to the * 2nd * Parameters Tab > Site informations > set your Default Home Page for this domain.

That should work perfectly !

NOTE : There are 2 others ways of setting different frontpages that DOES NOT WORK (at least for me) :

  • Configuration > Site information > Default Home Page
  • Domain > 1st Parameters Tab > Site Home Page

Don't use them.

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