How to transfer the submitted data too when redirecting a form through $form_data['#redirect']?

Like :

hook_menu declares : page-1, page-2

page-1 having a form that when submitted triggers page_1_form_submit() (in which I does the redirection)

but I'd like that once redirected to page-2, page_2_page() (registered as render function in hook_menu) can access the previously submitted data!


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In the form submission of the first page you can copy the values in $form_state['values'] into the session for the current user; the page callback of the other page can then access them.

function mymodule_page1_form_submit($form, &$form_state){
  $_SESSION['mymodule_page1_submission_timestamp'] = time();
  $_SESSION['mymodule_page1_submitted_values'] = $form_state['values'];

  $form_state['redirect'] = 'The path for the second page';

function mymodule_page2_view() {
  $delay = 300;
  if (!empty($_SESSION['mymodule_page1_submitted_values']) && !empty($_SESSION['mymodule_page1_submission_timestamp'])) {
    $submitted_data = ($_SESSION['mymodule_page1_submission_timestamp'] > time() - $delay) ? $_SESSION['mymodule_page1_submitted_values'] : array();

  // ...

I use $_SESSION['mymodule_page1_submission_timestamp'] just to avoid the second page gets the values submitted on the form present in the first page more than 5 minutes before. If you don't want such restriction, then remove any reference to $delay.

You could also pass the values through the URL, but there is a restriction on the URL length the browsers can handle, and that restriction depends on the browser, as long as I know.

  • Excellent! Using $_SESSION and not to let the user alter the data is a good solution, I think. Thank you again! Nov 16, 2012 at 8:26

in your submit function , add your data in the redirect url.

function page_1_form_submit($form, &$form_state){
$data_a = $form_state['values']['data_a_form'];
$data_b = $form_state['values']['data_b_form'];

$options = array(
    'query' => array(
         'data_a' => $data_a,
         'data_b' => $data_b,

$form_state['redirect'] = array('url_page2', $options);

The redirection will be


In the page_2 form, gather datas from $_GET variable

$data_a = $_GET['data_a'];
$data_b = $_GET['data_b'];

Don't forget to check your datas, like is_numeric, etc ...


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