I have a website with Drupal 7 and the customer just asked to make it "responsive design".

I need, for the design to respond correctly, to group some blocks I already have into some bigger blocks, on which i can apply the specific classes I need.

Region aren't valid for me because the website is already built and it would be really messy to change it just to add regions.

Any ideas?


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    Can you just wrap your blocks in div's that have the classes you need? Maybe by using $block['content']['#prefix'] = '<div class="row">'; $block['content']['#suffix'] = '</div>';? By blocks do you mean custom blocks defined in a module via hook_block_view() or custom blocks that are just markup (tile and content) added from the admin/structure/blocks page? Commented Nov 15, 2012 at 23:59

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Block Group module may help you

This module extends the standard drupal block system with block groups. Each block group provides a new block as well as a corresponding region. Child blocks can be moved into any group region. The position and the settings of the parent block are propagated to its children. Also block groups are nestable.

Take a look. I am not sure how it will integrate with responsive style.

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