is there any way to one click upload images with a CKeditor? Found this https://drupal.org/project/ocupload but sadly - its for 7.x version of Drupal :(


Have you tried IMCE it can be attached with a number of WYSIWYG editors like FCK Editor, CK Editor, Tiny MCE

  • Tried IMCE, but its hard for my site visitors i need a simple one click solution. Like some icon on ckeditor - when u press it → shows up a dialog screen to directly upload image from your pc to the server and paste it in CKEDITOR Jun 13 '11 at 14:20

Can you upgrade to ckeditor-6.x-1.5. There you can use plugins for the CKeditor. One of the plugins is the IMCE button. This allowes you to skip the image dialog and upload a file. It still isn't a one click upload, but it's better than the normal IMCE upload.

Add the following line to your ckeditor.config.js ['Link','Image','IMCE'],

for the toolbar you are using.

Good luck

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