I have a field which accepts unlimited values so the values of the field get saved in an array. If I use token_get_values() to get the corresponding field value, I only get the first element of the array.

How can I read the whole array value or get an imploded string of values with token_get_values()?


You cannot, using token_get_values(). The code that is returning the value of the token for a CCK field uses just the first value of the field. The function that gets the value of a token for a CCK field (content_token_values()) contains the following code. (See in particular the code between // [1].)

  $content_type = content_types($node->type);
  $node->build_mode = 'token';
  $node->content = array();
  // The formatted values will only be known after the content has been rendered.

  $field_types = _content_field_types();
  foreach ($content_type['fields'] as $field_name => $field) {
    $items = isset($node->{$field_name}) ? $node->{$field_name} : array();
    $function = $field_types[$field['type']]['module'] . '_token_values';
    if (!empty($items) && function_exists($function)) {
      // [1]
      $token_values = (array) $function('field', $items, $options);
      // [1]
      foreach ($token_values as $token => $value) {
        $tokens[$field_name .'-'. $token] = $value;

The function called in $function('field', $items, $options) is, for a text field, text_token_values(), which contains the following code.

  if ($type == 'field') {
    $item = $object[0];

    $tokens['raw']  = $item['value'];
    $tokens['formatted'] = isset($item['view']) ? $item['view'] : '';
    return $tokens;

Despite content_token_values() passing all the CCK field values, the function just uses the first value.

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