I am developing a Community website in Drupal 7,where users got profiles with many fields, but these fields are grouped for Example: Basic informations,Hobbies, Education,Experience and So on.. In normal drupal, when user wants to edit his profile, he/she will be present with a huge form with lots of fields. What i need is to separate these categories in different small forms, if possible using a custom module so the forms can be called like drupal_get_form('basic_informations'); drupal_get_form('Hobbies'); If This will be possible then i will be able to opens this small forms in modal dialogs(ctools).

Any suggestion will be Appreciated.

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No need for custom forms!

Profile2 will do all of the items you require! Here is the handbook to get you started.

This will let you have different forms (tabs) on the /user page and you can also choose which of those "subforms" you want on the user registration.


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