Custom block doesn't show up on block listing and pages allowed to display that block. After switch theme everything is ok, so it is not module layer issue.

I check template.php everything seems to be ok. I check CSS (display: none, etc), it seems that it's not CSS issue.

I asked about other idea's, why that block doesn't show up? I am struggling few hours and starting to have no new idea's to solved that issue

  • Make sure the region variable is getting printed in page.tpl.php which is associated with your block.
  • Make sure there is content for your block. If $block['content'] is set to empty in hook_block then the block does not appear at all.
  • Check block visibility condition as well
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    I need to set manually region column in db of this block. Now it's display on blocks listing. Thanks. – Codium Jun 15 '11 at 6:59

The thing to watch out for is the possibility of overriding hook_block() through configuration in the ui.

If you don't get it right first time in hook_block(), subsequent changes to your code won't be reflected - you have to delete the entry for that block in the database first.

Setting the region as it's machine name in the theme's .info file is important too.

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