I'd like to group a nodes in a view by date, but more specifically, I'd like Grouping field Nr.1 to be year and Grouping field Nr.2 to be the month.


Grouping field description pop up

At current the test view looks like this:

Test query view

I'd like it to look more like this



  • ibh Persto Torqueo Vel


  • Commoveo Macto Premo Vel


  • Ad Adipiscing Meus Nutus Tego Torqueo



  • Antehabeo Decet Pala Populus


  • Quadrum Si Suscipit

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Well I think I got it.

Step 1: Add two new date formats

I set up two new date formats: Month only and Year only

enter image description here

Step 2: Query the date date field twice under the new formats

Add the Publication Date field twice in these newly created formats

Date Field year onlyenter image description here

Step 3: Apply the proper grouping to the view

Here's how I grouped it.... enter image description here

And finally, the results

Below, albeit poorly formatted, I have two two years of 2015 and 2014 with sub divided months.

(For some reason, what ever the last grouped field is encapulated in . I tried playing with the formatting but no luck. However, I've worked out my logic here.)


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