• I want to build something like:
  • We have 2 type of users: staff and student.
  • Student logins into a drupal site, then a collection of forms presented to the student
  • Form type 1: Student selects a form then fill in all fields. After hitting the submit button, data will be saved as a node.
  • Form type 2: Similar as form type 1, except the same student visits the same form, s/he will see the previous data s/he entered.
  • Very similar situation for staff.

  • I wonder what are the basic steps I need to take.

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I can't give the complete solution, Yet I will try to relate things what you have asked to things what we have in Drupal,

  1. Form type 1 => Any Node type (say Article)
  2. Form type 2 => Any Node type (say blog)
  3. Student => Drupal User (has a profile of student, use profiles2 module )
  4. Teacher => Drupal User (has a profile of Teacher, use profiles2 module )

User Permissions for Node creation, Node edit by its own author. Views to display the forms and user redirection module to get something you want.

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