I'm looking for something to help me to export my content types / contents i have locally in a drupal project. i need to use it in another Drupal project.

I just stumbled upon the Bundle copy module but it is only available for Drupal 7 and my project is version 6.26 - I can't update my core unfortunately for various reasons.

is there something similar working for version 6 please? Thanks in advance

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For content types, views and much more you can use features, while for the nodes, node_export will do the job.


For content type - Content Copy module which lives in the CCK project for Drupal 6
For node export - Node export module


The data_export_import module is available for Drupal 6. If I am correct, this solution would be for content (data) not content types so you might want to still use features for the content types along with this module.

What I like about data_export_import is that it is an all-in-one module (for export AND import of data. Whereas as with other solutions, the import and export stages are done by separate modules, which could mean that extra work is needed ensuring compatibility of the export with the import.)

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