I have a view which has an argument passed to it. I provide a default argument of "User ID from URL". I then use %1's content in the Title. This returns username's content.

I have a content profile associated with a user. I want to get the field_first_name from the content profile and display it in the title. So I would get Lucy's content. How can this be achieved?

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Edit your argument for configuration Add validator options for your argument by selecting PHP Code from the select box Add following code in it

 $usr = user_load(array(uid => (int)arg(2))) //Check the appropriate position of uid
 $view->display['page_2']->handler->handlers['argument']['date_argument']->options['title'] = $usr->field_first_name . "'s content";

Here page_2 is views identifier and date_argument is argument identifier.

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