I am building a website with Drupal 7, this website contains a blog. For some reasons I use a custom content type for blog posts call bog_post. In this content type I add a "Term reference" field (is machine name is "field_blog_categories").

To custom the layout of blog post I override node--blog_post.tpl.php. My problem is to display the term reference field. When I print the php var corresponding to that field "$field_blog_categories" I get :

Array ( [en] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [tid] => 8 ) ) )

As you can see the term name don't appear. I thought to get the name by tid. I try


but it return nothing.

Any help to get the term name will be appreciate !

  • I make a mistake, actually taxonomy_term_load($field_blog_categories['en'][0]['tid']) works but I don't print the result... taxonomy_term_load() return an array which include the name. However thanks for your answer ! – a.b.d Jun 16 '11 at 8:29

If taxonomy_term_load() return false then

  • the supplied argument (tid) is either non-numeric
  • Or there is no term with this id.

To check if there is any term against this id try

`taxonomy_term_load_multiple(array($tid), array());`

If taxonomy_term_load_multiple() returns empty array then it is clear there is no term with this $tid.


As an alternate approach, you could try using the function

 * Get a list of all taxonomy terms
function taxonomy_node_get_terms($node, $key = 'tid') {
    if(arg(0)=='node' && is_numeric(arg(1))) {  
        static $terms;
        if (!isset($terms[$node->vid][$key])) {
            $query = db_select('taxonomy_index', 'r');
            $t_alias = $query->join('taxonomy_term_data', 't', 'r.tid = t.tid');
            $v_alias = $query->join('taxonomy_vocabulary', 'v', 't.vid = v.vid');
            $query->fields( $t_alias );
            $query->condition("r.nid", $node->nid);
            $result = $query->execute();
            $terms[$node->vid][$key] = array();
            foreach ($result as $term) {
                $terms[$node->vid][$key][$term->$key] = $term;
        return $terms[$node->vid][$key];

/* just guessing at this function - it might need tweaking! */

function theme_preprocess_page(&$variables) {
    $node = node_load(arg(1));
    $results = taxonomy_node_get_terms($node);
    if(is_array($results)) {
        foreach ($results as $item) {
           $variables['your_taxonomy_terms'][] = $item->name; 

Then you could call $your_taxonomy_terms from your page template and it should return the names.

This is all based on the thread here -> http://drupal.org/node/1072806

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