I see only e-mail and textfield, but no URL.

How can I add to my form URL field with the validation rules for URL? e.g.







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Well if you have tons of time you could implement a component type... but because that is unlikely you should just add a validation hook and a textfield to the webform. You could do a valid_url($form_state['values'][[your_field_name']); in your validation hook.

Someone asked this question on d.o previously here. You can find all sorts of examples on "things you may need to do special with a webform" here.

Another possible solution would be to install the Webform Validation module, add a regex validation to your field, and steal a known usable url validation regex like drupal has.

  • Any idea why this is not one of the default options (textfield, e-mail, date...) in the list of Webform option for fields? I mean you need to add URl in a form a lot of times. The question like e.g. "What is your website URL?" seems to be in the forms imho often. Or?
    – Derfder
    Dec 6, 2012 at 21:46
  • Because someone hasn't implemented a webform link component, or you and myself cannot find one. See here drupal.org/node/1660144 Dec 6, 2012 at 21:49
  • Anyway thanks, I will try webform validation and let you know if it works.
    – Derfder
    Dec 6, 2012 at 21:49

There is a module called webform_link that could also help you.

This module verifies that a valid URL is entered and displays the result as a link.

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