One of my client drupal 6 site boost installed and working properly. Now they need to integrate varnish to the site. For that the site is upgraded to pressflow. The varnish is installed in server, and Varnish 6.x-1.1 installed in site. The varnish running status got in admin/settings/varnish page.

varnish version: 2.1 server: ubuntu

enter image description here

When boost is disabled i got varnish working properly, i used isvarnishworking.com to check the varnish status.

My problem is to make work boost and varnish together. For doing so, i followed this article Boosted Varnish - High Performance Caching made easy. I updated the default.vcl with the changes mentioned in this article, but it not caching.

It showing age header is less than 1

enter image description here

the other details are

enter image description here

In admin/settings/performance i set Caching mode: external and Page cache maximum age: 1 day

Any help to make work boost and varnish together is greatly appreciated

  • Why would you want both Boost and Varnish? Isn't it enough to just run Varnish itself for caching? Jan 6, 2013 at 10:42
  • @Anoop Joseph Did you find the solution ? Pls. help me by sharing. Aug 9, 2013 at 9:19


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