we have an application which was built with drupal connecting to a mysql db. upon go-live we found that the production db is a clustered one and requires us to change our db tables to NDB cluster engines.

Is drupal capable of working with clustered db's and how do we do this?



If is straightforwards to convert MyISAM to InnoDB, such as with the following:


Not so with NDB. For the table node, let's take the following approach:

mysqldump -u... -p... dbname --no-create-info node > node_data.sql

Then, load the table into the NDB Cluster

mysql -u... -p... -Ddbname -A < node_data.sql

and you let all the management nodes and SQL nodes determine where to store/shard the data.

If and only if you have the patience to

  • upgrade Drupal
  • avoid using FULLTEXT indexes (currently not supported by NDB)
  • apply plugins
    • drop FULLTEXT indexes
    • convert any MyISAM tables to NDB
  • migrate/reload data

then it is worth a shot.

Please post NDB Cluster questions in the DBA StackExchange.

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