I have played with Menu Trail by Path and Menu Position, but none worked well with a Views-generated listing acting as a navigation menu.

Imagine the following scenario:

  1. On the left side there is Views generated block of linked taxonomy terms.
  2. When clicked, the link fills the main content area with a listing of nodes tagged with the given taxonomy term. The activated term link gets active-trail class - so far so good.
  3. When you click a node link though, the node opens, but now - the active-trail is gone.

The complicating factor might be that my taxonomy is localized (each term has a translation within same vocabulary). But I believe there is a solution to that... Anyone?

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It's important to understand that taxonomy is not a menu system, the menu system is. There are ways to make the menu system mirror taxonomy, but they are separate systems. Taxonomy_menu might be able to help.

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