Is there a module for drupal7 that can create galleries from ftp? basically I upload a bunch of folders containing images in them by ftp. I want drupal to auto populate from ftp to create galleries.


Have you tried himuesgallery module?

It implements a new node-type to show all pictures in an specified directory. Descriptions will be automatically generated from the filenames, so there is no need to administer a seperate databse table, etc. My gallery works with automated generetated thumbnails so it seems to be fast. It can use Lightbox2 or colorbox to simply generate lightshows and naturally it makes use of user configurable css-files to style the gallery. Some styles will be delivered with the module, so users don't be worried about this.


There is Media Mover

Media Mover is a set of modules which allows website administrators to easily create complex file conversion processes. The core of Media Mover is the media_mover_api module which creates a set of rules allowing multiple modules to interact with a file. Media Mover can take a file emailed to an email account, turn a file attachment into an FLV file, create a new node with the file data, and then save the file on an external file storage system like Amazon's S3 all at once. And that's just the start.

What you can do
The core set of Media Mover modules offers lots of options for someone manipulating rich media.

  • get attachments from an email account
  • get attached files from nodes of a specified type
  • get files from previously harvested files
  • get files from CCK filefield and imagefield fields
  • get files from a FTP server, provide file tokens for user authentication as well
  • create a thumbnail from a video file with ffmpeg
  • transcode video files into web friendly (and other) formats
  • compress a file with zip
  • move a file to Amazon's S3 service
  • attach file back to node
  • save file and related data as a node
  • add a file to a CCK filefield or imagefield
  • save a file to YouTube

There is no module like this in my knowledge as I have also searched a lot for the same functionality which you want.

Though the near which I got is, I will upload the folder and all the images will be available to choose when I make gallery.

Thanks, RajeevK

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