How to change the default theme of comment_submitted in drupal?


$variables['submitted'] = theme('comment_submitted', $comment);


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My expected result is

  • To print the Name in first and time in second.

  • Should not truncate.

How can this be done?

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Add a function in your template.php located in your theme's directory.

function phptemplate_comment_submitted($comment){
  return t('Submitted on @datetime by !username.',
      '!username' => theme('username', $comment),
      '@datetime' => format_date($comment->timestamp)

You can override any theme function implementing hook_theme_registry_alter() in a module.

function mymodule_theme_registry_alter(&$theme_registry) {
  if (isset($theme_registry['comment_submitted'])) {
    $theme_registry['comment_submitted']['function'] = 'theme_mymodule_comment_submitted';

In this case, as what you want is to override a string used by a module, String Overrides could help you. You just need to replace "Submitted by !username on @datetime." with "Submitted on @datetime by !username."

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