In Drupal 7, is there a way to auto-create a node of "Type B" whenever a node of "Type A" has been created? Ideally, certain info would be passed on to the new "Type B" content item as well. For instance...

Let's say I create a new Type A content item, and that the Type A content type has several CCK fields. One of those CCK fields is a Node Reference field, which refers to content items of "Type C". Another of the CCK fields in Type A is a basic integer/text field.

When I create that new Type A content item, I choose "Content Type C Content Item #1" from the Node Reference drop-down select list. I also add "100" to the integer/text field. I'd then like a new Type B content item to be auto-created, with the same node reference info in its own node ref CCK field and the same integer/text in its own integer/text CCK field.

The purpose of this is to track usages of parts in sort of a macro and micro situation... Type C is the macro/master, Type A is the sub-macro/sub-master (if that makes sense) and Type B is the micro/slave of Type A. There will be many Type B's associated with a single Type A, but there will likely only be a single Type A content item associated with any given Type C content item.

I'm open to any all all suggestions, including scrapping this implementation concept in favor of something else that might work better and might be easier to manage.


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You can do this kind of stuff with Rules. You could also look into hook_node_presave() yourself and do logic when nodes of TypeA are being saved.

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