I'm clueless enough that I managed to delete my .htaccess file from my drupal site (after some mistaked advice from my webhost tech support). Now, I can go to the home page, but links to all internal pages result in 404 not found. I'm using drupal 5 and my web host is dreamhost. I don't have a recent backup of my site. I did find a very old htaccess file, and uploaded it, but then it threw a login pass popup.

Is there an easy way to fix this? Must I have the htaccess file? How can I generate a new one that will work with my site?

any help much appreciated.


Here you go the . htaccess for drupal 5.x



If you don't have any modification from the original file then you're ok the just upload this .htaccess from Drupal 5 repository.

It throws 404 because there is something in your clean url settings that depends in .htaccess, thats the reason why your URL rewrite is not working.

I advice to always backup before touching anything in your production environment so you can roll it back when something goes wrong.


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