I've got several sites up and running on Nginx, but no editor loads. Wysiwyg is configured properly with CKeditor downloaded and in the libraries directory.

At this point I'm unsure if its something I'm missing, or something in my config that is blocking it.

My current config: http://pastebin.com/yreZ0kr1


I've uninstalled the WYSIWYG module, reinstalled it, and it cannot see CKeditor. If I paste the url into the address bar, I can access the CKeditor.js file directly.


Found out that the version of WYSIWYG I was using was not compatible with the newest version of CKeditor - installing an older version corrected the issue.


I've also determined that using RocketLoader on CloudFlare also causes ckeditor to break.


So what I've learned:

Make sure you do not have CKeditor installed twice. Its easy to do this with the CKeditor module (which I used on older sites) and the WYSIWYG module which requires CKeditor in a different directory.

WYSIWYG has issues detecting newer versions of CKeditor. The issue queue has several related issues. Downgrading was the simplest way to resolve it.

Cutting edge features on a CDN can behave poorly or interact in unexpected ways.

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